Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where have I been?

This update is a bit late, and for that I'm sorry.

It's been a crazy couple months.  I changed hours at work, said goodbye to a close friend, did a ton of landscaping at my home, and doubled down on practice time with my band, Hemlock Heyday.  If that's not enough, I'm working on 3 albums.  The first is the one I started all the way back in 2003.  The second is more of an acoustic offering mostly made up of songs I wrote when I was 17-19 years of age, or new songs about that period.  The third is a new band/project/collaboration separate from Hemlock Heyday that is more of a tribute to my close friend that recently past, Marc Berg.  There will be more information on that as soon as I get a solid master cut.  When all this is complete I will be releasing a collection of songs and demos again from my past that will wrap up the loose ends of that whole period of my life.  I expect 20 or more tracks on that release.  After that who knows.  I have new songs waiting to be utilized.  I need to get working.  Time is wasting; and as I've learned first hand these last few weeks, life is short.

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