Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eternal Voyager "The Battle of Eternity" out now!

My old band Eternal Voyager just recently released their first full-length LP entitled "The Battle of Eternity" and it's available via CD, iTunes, Google Play Music and Amazon; as far as I know. This is the last thing I recorded with them as their drummer before I left early last year and I'm excited to see it out now. If you're a Firewind fan; Bob Katsionis plays on track 8; "Sands of Time" and it's brilliant!

Here's the link on Google Play

Here's the link on

So far it's just digital copies out now but I hear physical copies are on they way from the manufacturer.

Hope you like! Peace.

Purchase a digital copy or stream The Battle of Eternity here through Google Play Music.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Lethargy is a stone cold killah.

The last week or so I've lacked so much motivation.  Not only because I'm recovering from the end of a busy year or because I caught a small cold.  The big reason I think is because sometimes it's easier to put off working on your hobbies when you have the time to relax.

Looking forward I'm ready to tackle my projects again.  No one will keep me accountable but myself, and I have some wonderful new songs I want to share with people.

Time to get up, shake off the cobwebs and get working.